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Removing pests from home is not an easy task for homeowners. Allow us to provide the service and help you sleep in peace. Home pests can cause a lot of damage in a home not limited to physical but also to value of the property.

Some pests can cause serious damage to your house, can cause health problems to your family and even your pets.

The termites can cause damage from esthetics to structural damage compromising the safety of the cabinets or even the building. The termite’s dirt tube contaminates the areas where it can show up. They also bite.

Ants invade your home and cause cross contamination over surfaces. They can cause damage to your food storage. They are a potential vector for diseases and viruses. Ants can damage electronic equipment when they manage to get inside of them. Their bodies can create electric paths damaging the electronics of your devices. From toaster ovens, computers, tablets to TV and other everyday use electronics.

Another critter that can’t be left out is the cockroaches. Cockroaches do a great job by performing cross contamination over surfaces. Cockroaches can contaminate an entire room in minutes. They do damage to your food storage because they bite on packaging getting access to the food inside. Cockroaches and their feces can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory allergies due to their airborne spores that causes bad odor. 

Many other insects also cause discomfort and other skin problems. Ticks, fleas, centipedes, millipedes and many more that can be found on the Caribbean. 
We offer pest control treatment and monitoring service for control and eventual elimination of pests inside and outside your home and property. We perform preventive maintenance to bait feeding stations. Installation, construction and repairs of pest control barriers.  

Give us a call to schedule a meeting and discuss your pest control needs. 

Pest’s economic impact

Pests cause bad first impression. Reduce property value. Pests will turn away potential clients at a property sale or rental. Pests can cause damage to your property ending in costly repairs.

Pests can cause a bad impression to your business clients. 

Give us the opportunity to perform a free of charge evaluation of your property. 

We evaluate the treatment based on target pest. We are your best option for pest control.

Emergency Service Available 24/7
Defined as an emergency is, any pest that causes phobia or immediate danger to health. Additional charges may apply.*
We offer pest control treatment service for control and eventual elimination of pests inside your home and property. Outside Pest control. Perform preventive maintenance to bait feeding stations. Construction and small repairs of pest control barriers.
The 24/7 Service can be scheduled in advance based on your time availability. Will not have an additional charge.

Emergency service is available if your situation causes a phobia or is an immediate health danger. Additional charges may apply call for advise.
If you live outside Puerto Rico and need help with your property maintenance let us know.  We can help you find a property manager.
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